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Sic Bo Guide

Sic Bo is an intriguing dice based casino specialty game with attractive casino bets. It is incredibly straightforward with the simple objective of either betting on individual numbers or a combination of numbers that appear after they are shaken and rolled. With scores of odds of winning it's not at all surprising why the popularity of the game is growing from strength to strength.

How to Play Sic Bo

This classic casino table game is played with three dice. To play, start by placing the chips on the different divisions on the layout to make your wager. Your bet is based on your prediction of the plausible outcomes in terms of combinations and totals of the numbers on the three dice.

Next, you can press the roll tab to shake the three dice in a sealed container called a dice shaker or cage. After tumbling the dice the results are displayed on the right side of the table.

In the game of Sic Bo there are multiple bets that you can place with specified pay offs. Let's take a closer look at all the bets you can make.

There are different betting options in the game of Sic Bo


As per this wagering option you can bet on any one number which must appear on all the three dice. This is basically a three-of-a- kind bet. Obviously the odds of winning on this betting option are minute as there are only 216 (6x6x6) dice combinations in the game out of which only six of them (1,1,1 or 2,2,2, or 3,3,3 or 4,4,4 or 5,5,5 or 6,6,6) are wins. However, if you do win, the payout is very high at 180:1.


This betting option allows you to bet on one number which will appear on two of the three dice in the game like, 1,1 or 2,2 or 3,3 or 4,4 or 5,5 or 6,6. This wagering option is branded as two-of-a-kind bet. The odds of winning on this bet are fifty percent as there are total 12 methods of creating the two-of-a-kind combinations. The pay out on this bet is 10:1.

Any Triple

According to this betting option you can bet on any three of a kind number from 1 to 6, like, 1,1,1, or 2,2,2, or 3,3,3 or 4,4,4 or 5,5,5 or 6,6,6. This any-three-of-a-kind betting option provides you with better odds than the three- of- a- kind or two-of-a-kind bet. In this bet you are allowed to bet on a broad range of combinations from one to six rather than the restricted option of betting on one combination as in the above two wagering options. The payout on this betting option is 30:1.

Small Totals

This bet lets you bet on the presumption that the sum of three dice will be equal to one of these totals 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 excluding the three-of-a-kind option. For instance, you win your bet on the small total 5 only if you get the number combinations of 2, 2, 4 or 3, 1, 1 or 1, 1, 3 and so on. However, if you get three ones then it is not a winning bet because the sum of three ones is three and the list of winning numbers on the small totals bet table starts from 4. Similarly, the hardways such as 6 and 9 give the sum total of 18 and 27 respectively. The payout table for the small totals is mentioned below:

















Big Totals

This bet allows you to wager on the sum of the three dice, which equals either 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 excluding the three-of-a- kind option. Like you on your bet on the big total 11 only if you roll the combinations of 5, 3, 3 or 3, 3, 4 or 4, 3, 4 and so on. This indicates that if you get 6 on all the three dice then it is not the winning bet as the total of three 6 is 18 and the winning numbers for the big totals ends at 17. The payout table for the big bets is given below.

















Small Bets

This bet lets you bet on any of the small totals from 4 through10. If any of the small totals appear then the you are entitled to an even payout of 1:1. There is a separate area on top of the layout to place this bet.

Big Bets

The big bets allow you to bet on any of the big totals from 11 to17. Similar to the small bets, if you get any of the big totals on the three dice, you will get a payout of 1:1. This bet is located on the top of the layout.

Duo Faces

This bet lets you wager on two different numbers which you guess can appear on at least two of the three dice. The dice combinations that you can bet on are: 1,2 or 1,3 or 1,4 or 1,5 or 1,6 or 2,3 or 2,4 or 2,5 or 2,6 or 3,4 or 3,5 or 3,6 or 4,5 or 4,6 or 5,6. Unlike the two-of-a-kind bet, in Duo betting option you are on a losing streak if two similar numbers appear on any of two dice. The payout on the duo bet is 5:1

Dice face

This betting option lets you bet on any single number from 1 to 6 that may appear on at least one of the three dice. The payout table for this bet is as follows:

·         If your selected number appears on one of the three dice, your payout is 1:1

·         If your chosen number appears on the two of the three dice, your payout is 2:1

·         If your selected number appears on all the three dice, your payout is 3:1

Additional Rules

Every bet on Sic Bo has different betting limits. To view the betting limit, just move your mouse over the betting area where you wish to place your wager and the betting limit will be displayed. For instance, ($0 - $4) where the lowest betting limit is 0 dollars and the highest betting limit is $4. You cannot wager with anything less or more. The overall table limit for Sic Bo on Silver Oak Casino starts from $1 to $250 on single bets.

To set the size of your bet you can click on the various chips displayed on the right side of the wood-like panel below the layout. If you want to remove the chips from your betting amount, you can right click on the chips to reduce the size of your bet with every click.

If you desire to place more than one bet, just click on the multiple areas of the table where you would like to place your multiple bets. Press the clear button if you wish to remove all the bets from the layout.

To adjust the size of the screen, set the volume, turn off the dealer voices in the backdrop and configure the autoplay option you can go to the player options under the menu and set the parameters according to choice.

Strategy & Tips

Sic Bo is a three dice game offering you better odds by betting on an assorted range of combinations.

If you are newcomer in the game of Sic Bo, it is better to stick to bets that pay even (1:1). Like the big and small bets. These bets will help you stay longer in the game. While playing on the even betting options, the success rate might be a little slow as the payout is quite small as compared to the other bets but the odds of winning on these bets are definitively higher than other bets. To win on the small and big bets, you need to place the bets on the dice combinations with totals of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 excluding the three of a kind betting combinations. This makes it clear that the big and small bets rule out only six possibilities such as, 1,1,1 or 2,2,2 or 3,3,3 or 4,4,4 or 5,5,5 or 6,6,6. The rest give you extensive winning odds in the game.

Even while playing on the small and big totals make sure that you pay more attention to the small and big totals of 9, 10, 11 or 12. These totals might give lower payouts but offer you with higher odds with better range of combinations to get these totals. Like if you bet on the small total ten, you have the chance of winning on combinations like, 2, 4, 5 or 4,4,2 or 3,3,4 or 2,2,6 or 7,2,1 or 8,1,1. But, if you bet on the small total 4, you have the probaility of winning on only one combination , i.e: 1,1,2.

If you are a high roller and wish to win a huge sum of money in one go, bet on the three-of-a-kind bet. If you manage to win on this bet then you are entitled to 180:1 payout which is worth the risk.

In the game of Sic Bo the small and big bets give a fairly reasonable house edge.


The history of the game Sic Bo dates back to the land of China. Sic Bo has its origins in ancient China. The term Sic Bo literally means "dice pair". Hence, the name is a misnomer, as the game is played with three dice!

Sic Bo is essentially a simple dice game. Earlier, the game was essentially played with bricks which were toppled between two plates and an inverted bowl. These bricks however were modified into a dice and an inverted bowl into an egg-timer shaped cage shaker over the due course of time.

The ancient variations of the game of Sic Bo can be named as "Tai Sai", "Lucky Dice" and "Hi Lo" in the Philippines. In Macau the game of Sic Bo was played on a wide scale under the name of "Dai Siu" which literally means "Big small" This basically refers to the big and small betting options offered in the game. This game also has a strong resemblance to a similar English game named "Grand Hazard."

Throughout its history the game of Sic Bo has been quite popular in Southeast Asia, Korea and China. However, close to the Nineteenth century this game also gained a lot of fame in the West due to the migration of people from these countries to the West. Once it entered casinos in the West, it made its way into the hearts of people easily, thanks to the variety of wagering options with great odds of winning.


Sic Bo: The term Sic Bo is a Chinese term pronounced as "See Bo." It is a three dice game with an objective of predicting the numbers which will appear on the dice once they have been shaken by the dealer.

Roll: Roll refers to an option to tumble the dice in the cage.

Re-bet: The term re-bet basically means placing a similar wagering amount on the same bet as you in the previous roll.

Clear: Clear refers to removing all wagers from the wagers from the table layout and start afresh.

Chips: The term chips refer to the various coins that you choose to settle the denomination for the various bets in the game.

Layout: The table layout in Sic Bo refers to the platform that features various bets that you can make.

Die: Die stands for a six- sided cube displaying 1 to 6 numbers on different sides rolled to get the various numbered combinations in Sic Bo.

Dice: Dice is the plural of die. This means if there are more than one die, they are called dice. In Sic Bo there are three dice.

Wager Bet: It refers to the value of money that you willingly use to play the game on various combinations. You can either win or lose using this money.

Credits: The amount of money that is left in your account.

Betting limit: The betting limit stands for the minimum and maximum amount of money that you can wager on a single bet.

Cage: The cage refers to a bird-cage shaped device in Sic Bo which is used to tumble the three dice before the dealer displays the result on the black window on the right side of the layout. It is also referred to as an hour glass-like cage.

House edge: House edge refers to that advantage that the casino has over the player.

Lucky Dice: It is a common slang name for Sic Bo.

Small: It refers to that area where you can place an even bet predicting that the dice total will be either 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Big: It refers to that area in the layout where you can place an even bet that the dice total will add up to either 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17.


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