Top 10 favourite Filipino gambling



Who doesn’t want to earn money? Especially when you aren’t rich, like most Filipinos, you certainly would want to earn an extra income. Gambling is so tempting and can be addicting for us that we sometimes can’t quit. Some types of gambling are even illegal, like jueteng and masiao. So be careful if you want to gamble.


10. Taksi

taksi game














This game is popular among teenage boys. Usually, cards are used as currency but those who are into gambling use actual peso coins. Taksi is played by putting peso coins (can either be one or five peso coin) on the ground and drawing a square around it. Players take turn in throwing one peso coin at the coins on the ground and knock them out of the square.


9. Hantak


Hantak is played by tossing three coins of the same value on a stone slab and betting on which side would the coins fall. Coins that didn’t land on the stone slab aren’t counted.

This game is popular among trisikad drivers.


8. TV Shows

wowowee best show











Well, anyone who wants to join a variety show should invest money, time energy and sometimes, life 


7. Lotto

You have a higher chance of dying in a car accident while buying a ticket than winning the 6/49 lotto.


6. Pool

billards in the philippines

Pool (or billiards) is very popular among delinquent students. Filipinos are kinda talented with this sport though. You need precise mathematical skills to aim the ball towards a pocket.

Clearly, losing your teeth helps a lot like what Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes had done to his.


5. Bingo

bingo in the philippines

Most middle-aged or old people play bingo in their pastime. It’s easy to play and can be fun… sometimes, especially if you win.


4. Mahjong


Mahjong is one of the most popular gambling game in the Philippines.

How do you play mahjong? Try asking anyone who’s addicted to gambling or reading this guide.


3. Card games

card games

Tong-its, Pusoy, or whatever card game I say, I bet (no pun intended) you’ve already played it.

Card games are popular during a funeral, along with biscuits and coffee.


2. Betting on sports

pacquiao wins

Most hardcore sports fan bet on their favorite team or athlete. That’s why many tears were shed when Miami Heat was defeated or when Pacquiao was ‘beaten’ by Bradley.

It’s not just because Pinoys believe that their favorite would win, it’s their way of showing their support.


1. Cockfighting



Do you know anyone who raises roosters? I’m sure you know an acquaintance or two who joins in cockfighting.

Even here in Cebu there’s a popular place called Coliseum and it’s a venue where sabung is held.

Have you tried any of these activities? Well, I recommend betting on your enemy as well to minimize your loss.


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