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Pusoy Dos (or Filipino Poker)

A variation of Big Two, is a popular type of shedding card game with origins in the Philippines. The object of the game is to be the first to discard your hand by playing them to the table. If one cannot be first to play all cards, then the aim is to have as few cards as possible. Cards can be played separately or in certain combinations using poker hand rankings. Games of Pusoy Dos can be played by 2, 3 or 4 people.


From highest to lowest: Diamonds (), Hearts (), Spades () and Clubs (), with the 2 being the highest card and the 3 the lowest.


There are various types of card combinations that can be used in play.

Single card: Cards rank from 2 (highest) to 3 (lowest). Between cards of the same rank, the higher suit beats the lower suit. That is, a 5 beats a 5.

Pair: A pair of equally ranked cards. Between pairs of the same rank, the pair with the higher suit wins. That is, a 7-7 beats a 7-7.

Three of a kind: Three equally ranked cards. This is a variation of game play and may be excluded or included as a valid card combination.

Five-card hand: Any five-card combination following the poker hand rankings. From highest to lowest, valid poker hands include:

Royal Flush (10-J-Q-K-A with the same suits)

Straight Flush Straight flushes are ranked the by the highest single in each straight flush.

Four of a Kind are composed of Four cards with the same face value, and a Single of any value. Four-of-a-kinds are ranked by the face value of the four cards used.
Full House are composed of a Three-of-a-kind and a Pair. Full houses are ranked by the Three-of-a-kind used.

Flush Flushes are ranked the by the suite of each flush. Flushes of the same suite are ranked by highest single in each flush.

Straight are 5 cards with consecutive face values. Straights are ranked by the highest single in each straight. Wrap-arounds are not allowed. Examples: 3*4*5*6*7C is the lowest straight. 1*2*3*4*5 and Q*K*A*2*3 are not straights.

The playable combinations are similar to poker hands, but there are vital differences. Unlike poker, there are no "two pair" combinations, and although a four of a kind needs a fifth card to be complete, a three of a kind cannot be accompanied by extra cards (except for a full house when played as a five-card hand). Because the two has the highest rank, a royal flush does not necessarily beat a straight flush.

Also, a combination can only be beaten by a better combination with the same number of cards: A single card can be beaten only by a single card, a pair by a pair, a three of a kind by a three of a kind, and a five-card hand by a five-card hand.


The dealer shuffles the deck and then deals one card at a time counter-clockwise until each player has 13 cards (52 cards / 4 players = 13 cards per player).

The game begins when the player holding the lowest card, which is the 3 depending upon the suit order being played, plays that card or a valid card combination including that card. The card combination should be placed faced up in the center of the table. Play then proceeds counterclockwise. The next person must play a higher combination of the same number of cards or pass (play no cards). If all players pass, the person who last put down a card combination starts a new round by playing any card or valid card combination.

All players are entitled to know the number of cards each player has in hand at any time, and you must answer truthfully if asked.



The first person to get rid of all his/her cards is the winner and collect all player's bet. Each loser lost 1 bet.


1) If the last cards of the winner is 2 (or a group of card 2), each loser lost:

* Single card 2: 2 bet

* A pair 2: 4 bet

* Three of a kind 2: 8 bet

* Four of kind 2: 16 bet

2) Beat 2 card

You can use Four of a kind or Straight flush to beat a 2 Card, you will get:

* (10 x Bet) Gold: If there's only one 2 card you beat

* (20 x Bet) Gold: If the bigger 2 card beat the smaller 2 card then you beat the bigger one

* (30 x Bet) Gold: There are total three 2 cards beaten

* (40 x Bet) Gold: There are total four 2 cards beaten

You also get (10 x Bet) Gold if you beat a smaller Four of a kind by a bigger Four of a kind/Straight Flush or beat a smaller Straight Flush by a bigger Straight Flush.

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